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Rising Star/Bully Hill Passive Treatment System Construction, $2,330,000  - ½ acre treatment cells were constructed at these site located on the Squaw Creek arm of Lake Shasta, CA. These projects included work in the mine shafts to collect the drainage, construction of a lined treatment pond, water level control unit, mixing and placing substrate material, sed-pond construction, and infiltration field installation.  These projects also consisted of relocating approximately 12,000 yards of waste rock, reshaping existing waste rock piles, capping the cell with a 60 mil HDPE geomembrane and cover soil, construct necessary drainages around the cell, line ditches with rock, and implement erosion control measures.
At Pluim Environmental Contractors, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We provide a variety of services including:
Chico Burn Dump Closure Fogerty, $2,000,000: Approximately 125,000 yards of burn dump waste was gathered from a 60 acre parcel and consolidated into a landfill that was constructed onsite and capped with 60 mil HDPE. This was a very environmental sensitive project and special procedures were used to satisfy the many public agencies that were involved. Pluim Environmental Contractors was the prime contractor on this project.
Pluim Environment Contractors  have completed many in-situ remediation systems including:
  •    Vapor extraction             French Drains                   Air  Sparging              O-Zone Injection               Pump and Treat                  Groundwater Monitoring

​We have also successfully completed many bioremediation projects at various sites with waste quantities ranging from 20 yards to 12,000 yards of contaminated soil.
Spanish Mine Passive Treatment System Construction, $300,000 -The Spanish Mine project is located in Nevada County, CA in a very steep and confined area. Treatment cells were constructed to capture and treat water from two portals associated with the Spanish Mine. Both cells were constructed on hillsides, lined with 60 mil HDPE, collection system installed and filled with substrate material to treat the acid rock drainage.  

 Louisiana Pacific’s VG and Jamb Facility, $800,000: This is an ongoing project which has consisted of 1) excavating 10,000 yards of contaminated soil, 2) mixing contaminated soil for Bioremediation, 3) backfill and compact excavation, 4) used remediated soil as foundation layer for woodwaste landfill closure, 5) capped landfill with clay soil meeting 10-7 permeability, 6) install, sample, and maintain groundwater treatment system.
Chico Burn Dump Drake/Simmons, $1,750,000: 16,000 ton of contaminated soil from the Chico burn dump was gathered and loaded into trucks for disposal at a Class I landfill located in Kettleman City, CA. This was an interesting project as it had many obstacles to overcome to complete the project including; 1) Removing and reestablishing wetland areas; 2) Working around and not disturbing endangered plant species: 3) Working with the local air district to generate no visible dust while working and loading the soil. These obstacles were completed with the approval of all agencies involved.
 UPS Distribution Center in Redding, CA, $187,000: Approximately 1,200 yards of contaminated soil was excavated and successfully land farmed on site. This project also included dewatering, backfilling, compacting, and compaction testing in the excavated area.